• What to Do about Addressing Our Own Attitudes about Driving


    As more and more traffic accidents are occurring in the United States each year, drivers have to learn to be more responsible about driving on the road. Each person should already have been properly trained on following the rules of the road, but he or she must go above and beyond that to help keep each other safe on the highway. This article will be about addressing our own attitudes about driving. What each driver does to ensure safe driving will do a lot to improve the overall safety on the road.

    Things Drivers Should Do to Make the Road Safer

    The first responsible thing each driver can do is to make sure that he or she keeps their eyes on the road at all times. It only takes a split second of being distracted by something else to have a horrible accident. This means limiting the cell phone …

  • The Big Question: Are We All Getting Worse At Driving?


    Virtually every day, stories are on the news about a gruesome accident that claimed the lives of innocent individuals. As a result, a major question pops into the minds of many: Are We All Getting Worse At Driving? While providing a quantifiable answer to this question might prove difficult or impossible, people should consider the factors that have increased driving issues.

    Constant Rush

    People seem to have busier schedules today than they did in the past. School admission, even to some elementary and high school educational programs, has become more rigorous. Therefore, parents enroll their kids in manifold activities. In many parts of the country, it is financially impossible for one parent to stay home with the kids. As a result, everyone is rushing around and juggling multiple schedules, which can lead people to drive more quickly. Faster driving generally results in more serious accidents.


    Due to this excess …

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