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Advantages Of Having Christian Marriage Counselling Over Secular Counselling.

It is no secret that marriage is not easy and there are many things that happen that make it very difficult. While some issues are solved quite easily and settled, others are not and require intervention from marriage counsellors. Because there is an option of the kind of counsellor to go for, you will have to choose between a Christian one or a counsellor. Although both are geared towards the same thing, to restore the marriage, there are many differences in the approaches to achieve that. It is obvious that because it is a Christian approach, it has to come from the Bible but the secular approach is based on mental health and general wellbeing of the society. Some counsellors have realized that they can borrow a leaf from both the approaches so they use the both of them. What are some of the reasons to choose the Christian marriage counselling over the secular one? Check out the following reasons why you should go for the Christian approach.

First things first, God ordained marriage and it is very clear n the Bible so He sure knows how to work it out, so because you believe in what the Bible teaches, you should go for the Christian counselling. From this foundation you will be able to search for the best counsellor fit for your marriage. The next step after having the foundation is to find divinely inspired answers to the challenges the couple is facing.

The Bible is quite explicit on how a marriage is supposed to be. To determine what God’s intent for marriage was meant to be right from the start is vital for the counselor thus bringing in a balance that is required to settle the issues the couple is facing.

In secular marriage counselling, therapy mostly focuses on blame and sometimes this separates a couple further rather than bringing them together. Often times, the focus is on what the other partner did to you last week, last month and so on and do forth in a bid to instigate healing, and this doesn’t bring in solutions that work or if they do, not well. By seeking forgiveness both from God and from oneself, the Christian based counselling helps in complete removal of blame as a way of healing. To gear a couple in restoring their marriage even after serious issues like a partner having an affair, the Christian based way helps deal those things that push a spouse like greed, lust, pride and so on thus bringing in healing. Even after counselling sessions are over, the Christian values assist a couple hold onto their marriage and the tactics learned are applied whenever an issue crops up. This should sure make you want to go for the Christian marriage counselling over the secular one.

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