The Importance of Using a Baby Carrier

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The list of must-haves for new parents is overwhelming. Shopping for items like strollers, car safety seats, and cases of diapers is exciting as well as exhausting. Many parents may not want to hear about anything else they need to purchase, but there is one more thing they should not forget. Every baby deserves to have the perfect baby carrier. This is not just some trendy purchase or cute accessory. In fact, there are some very important reasons this simple item should be tucked into every baby bag.

Frees up Movement

It would be wonderful to sit and hold a new baby all day without any interruptions. Unfortunately, parents have to cook, clean, and shop as well as take care of older children and themselves. It is possible to do a lot of these tasks while holding a child, but it is not always easy or even safe. A baby carrier lets the wearer have their hands free and a free range of normal movement as they complete all their chores.

Enables More Bonding

Snuggled in a carrier, the senses of the baby are filled with the smells, sounds, and touches of their parent. It is a warm, comforting, and bonding experience for the parent as well. The baby is able to see their parent, hear their voice, and listen to their heartbeat. This closeness encourages bonding that lasts long after the carrier is no longer around. It is especially beneficial for fathers because they do not have the opportunity to carry the child during pregnancy for an instant bonding experience and may not be the primary feeder if the baby is nursed.

Reduces Baby Stress

Infants receive comfort by having their parent near. This often means fewer crying spells and a faster development of trust. Parents also know that, when their child is fussy, it is not out of loneliness or fear, so the process of decoding their cries is much easier.

There is no place more secure for a child than with its loving parent. Parents that use carriers do not have to worry about clunky strollers or germ-covered carts while they are shopping. Of course, not all carriers are the same, and they can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Visit The Burp Cloth to learn all about baby carriers and what brands to trust.


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