3 Things to Consider Before Shopping for Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom upgrades are popular because they offer homeowners a way to quickly increase home values, beauty and function. New vanities play a huge role in most remodeling projects and are at the center of many. The right vanities can make dramatic decorating statements, save space and increase storage. To avoid problems, homeowners need to consider the best place for bathroom vanities and the materials they are made from. It is also important to decide whether replacement vanities require plumbing changes.

Decide on the Vanity’s Placement

Homeowners often change vanities in order to increase bathroom functionality. Those with tiny bathrooms may also want to save space as well. The right vanities can do all of that, but it is critical that homeowners think carefully about how and where replacement vanities are to be installed. They should not obstruct natural traffic flow or get in the way of doors. Vanities need to be placed so that they are easy to clean and their doors can swing open easily. They should also be situated with windows in mind, to ensure plenty of space for elements like mirrors or wall cabinets.

Pay Close Attention to Vanity Materials

Technically almost any cabinetry can be used to create a good-looking bathroom vanity, but not every cabinet stands up well in the humid environment. Fortunately, wood can be treated with waterproof coating. The thermofoils, laminates and wood veneers used to create most stock vanities are already designed to withstand bathroom environments. Homeowners also need to decide on counter top materials, which can include glass, marble and laminates. It is best to avoid surfaces with grout, since it can be hard to clean. Materials should also complement other bathroom elements like tile, mirrors and fixtures.

Be Aware of Plumbing Requirements

New plumbing is often one of the biggest costs in bathroom remodeling, so it is smart to consider whether replacement vanities require plumbing changes. For example, changing a vanity’s location or switching from floor-mounted to wall-mounted styles will require adjustments.

Installing a new vanity is a quick way to update a bathroom, but it is important to choose the replacement carefully. Homeowners should ensure that vanity materials can withstand heavy use and humid spaces. Buyers should also consider placement and decide whether they want vanities that require plumbing changes.


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