What To Do After You Find A Divorce Lawyer

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In Connecticut, divorce cases involve complex procedures and sudden changes. The petitioner approaches an attorney who helps them identify all the requirements. The cases involve decisions about child custody, property division, and other assets. A divorce attorney guides the petitioner through the entire process and avoids errors.

Set Up a Divorce Agreement

A divorce agreement defines how all assets are divided by the couple. The marital home, automobiles, antiques, and other valuables are divided equally. All monetary assets are split between each party. Any properties owned prior to the marriage are often given to their original owner. However, assets that are used frequently by each party during the marriage are available to either party.

Review Child Custody Agreements

Child custody agreements require the parents to split time with the child equally when possible. The most standard assignment offers the custodial parent with physical custody of the child during the week. The noncustodial parent receives visitation every other weekend and a portion of the summer vacation. Parents who reach an agreement create their own schedule for parenting time.

Debts and Taxes

Debts are managed according to who is responsible for the debts. Joint accounts are divided between each party, but individual accounts aren’t. The account holder is responsible for the debt in most cases.

Tax returns are filed according to the agreement chosen by the couple. The custodial parent claims the children on their taxes in a majority of cases. However, if the couple has more than one child, the couple shares dependents and receives an equal share on their tax returns.

Retirement and Life Insurance

The length of the marriage defines whether or not the couples share retirement plans or life insurance. Marriages that last over ten years require an equal division of the assets. The former spouse receives half of the retirement fund and is the beneficiary of the life insurance policies.

In Connecticut, divorce cases require a complete agreement that divides the couple’s assets. Child custody is determined in the agreement, too. Division of debts, retirement funds, and life insurance is also decided in the agreement. Petitioners who want to start a case should find a divorce lawyer right now.


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