The Big Question: Are We All Getting Worse At Driving?

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Virtually every day, stories are on the news about a gruesome accident that claimed the lives of innocent individuals. As a result, a major question pops into the minds of many: Are We All Getting Worse At Driving? While providing a quantifiable answer to this question might prove difficult or impossible, people should consider the factors that have increased driving issues.

Constant Rush

People seem to have busier schedules today than they did in the past. School admission, even to some elementary and high school educational programs, has become more rigorous. Therefore, parents enroll their kids in manifold activities. In many parts of the country, it is financially impossible for one parent to stay home with the kids. As a result, everyone is rushing around and juggling multiple schedules, which can lead people to drive more quickly. Faster driving generally results in more serious accidents.


Due to this excess of responsibilities and obligations, many people are also getting fewer hours of sleep than they need to. By the time they are in bed at night, they might be unable to stop thinking about all of the tasks they have to do the next day. Driving when too tired can lead people to fall asleep at the wheel.

Drinking and Driving

The reports of binge drinking on college campus don’t seem to be going away, and even high school students engage in this deleterious behavior. Then, in order to make a curfew or to go to another party, they get behind the wheels of their cars and drive. Younger people are certainly not the only ones who are driving under the influence of alcohol. Despite all of the car services these days, people of all ages choose to drive after drinking.

Cell Phones

One of the biggest problems on the road toward is related to cell phone usage. People can’t wait until they are done driving to check their text messages, and in doing so, they cause serious or fatal crashes.

Whether or not humanity is getting worse at driving is a challenging question to answer. However, it is clear that some elements of the modern era are leading to problems at the wheel.


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