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I concur with your journalist Karen Chan (“New Chinese history course isn’t required”, November 9) that Chinese history ought not be a mandatory subject in auxiliary schools.

Almost certainly the theme is imperative and youngsters ought to find out about it, however what should be faced off regarding is in the case of contemplating it as a school subject is the most ideal approach.

At this basic snapshot of educational modules change, we ought to ask the central inquiry: how might we make Chinese history empowering and sufficiently moving so understudies appreciate the learning procedure?

What are the contrasting options to course readings and repetition realizing, that are altogether arranged towards exams?

To take care of business, may I recommend utilizing a progression of very much created and all around composed history documentaries, joined with various exercises.

For instance, to ensure that something is held, understudies could be tested toward the finish of the session – however this ought to make little difference to their evaluations. Or, then again, there could be gather dialogs a while later. Understudies could likewise perform chronicled plays, compose papers in view of library and online research, make history-themed craftsmanship objects, even web journals and computer games, et cetera. Support could come in the method for prizes inside the school; there could likewise be interschool rivalries to spur understudies.

We should hear different recommendations on the types of discovering that can be embraced to upgrade understudies’ learning knowledge.

Having instructed at auxiliary and tertiary levels, I am persuaded that the weight of exams could murder a subject.

Also, we as a whole know how rapidly understudies overlook everything once the exam is finished. It is precisely in light of the fact that Chinese history is important to the point that we should guarantee that understudies learn it in the best and easy ways that could be available.

This is a supplication to chiefs to spare our understudies from assist pointless homework and exam weight.

How about we realize totally new possibilities to give them an opportunity to appreciate finding history.

I trust that on the off chance that we could catch their creative ability and support in them an interest for history at a youthful age, they would keep on seeking recorded information and consider further verifiable issues for whatever is left of their lives.


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